Hello, fellow Death’s Door adventurers! In this boss guide, I’ll show you how to take down the Frog King, a boss who looks imposing but is actually one of the easier bosses to take down. Just keep your composure, and you’ll take him down in no time.

How to defeat the Frog King

The Frog King boss fight consists of two phases, which I’ve detailed for you below. 

Phase 1


When you first arrive on the platform, and after the Frog King gives his speech, he’ll jump onto the platform that you’re standing on. Afterward, he’ll do a pogo stick attack four times and then stop. Once he stops, you’ll have to hit his back to damage him. You’ll have to do this three times before you progress into the second phase of the fight.

Phase 2

In phase 2, the Frog King will discard his armor, gets a bit larger, and has two new attacks. Now, he’ll appear on either side of the platform, pulling it down and attempt to suck you into this mouth. During this part, pieces of the platform will be sucked in and will not be replaced. Avoid being sucked and don’t stand on any pieces of the platform that are being dragged down. After a bit, he’ll stop and attempt to smash you by jumping onto the platform where you are standing.  Move out of the way and approach him to get in some free hits.


After a few seconds, he’ll jump back into the water with his back toward him. This is when you’ll need to shoot his weapon (glowing) with an arrow, and it will replace all the missing pieces of the platform and giving you more room. Don’t attempt to use magic to hit his weapon, it doesn’t work.

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Finally, the Frog King will shoot 4 – 5 orbs at you, which are easy to get away from but will damage the platform. Stand outwards at first and make your way towards the king to score some free hits. After this, the phase starts over until you defeat him, or he kills you.

Check out the entire fight below.



Thanks for checking out our Death’s Door Frog King boss guide.


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