It is time, once again, for another edition of the A-01 Podcast! We are a week late because all of us were busy on Memorial Day weekend. Will was at the family’s for BBQ, I was enjoying my last two wagyu beef burgers from Omaha Steaks, and Matt was crying into a pillow as per usual. Fear not because we are back! We attempt to put together a show because we are simply in float mode until next month where the proverbial Takamichi head decor is about to hit the fan! So grab a cold one of Tentacle Grape and press play!


J.J. Piedra
Matthew Paul
William Kok


  • RIP Kentaro Miura
  • Hikaru Utada releases Pink Blood
  • Thoughts of Vivy: Flourite Eye’s Song
  • Musical Guests Announced for Aniplex Online Fest
  • That “scene” in Ep. 9 of HigeHiro that people are upset over
  • Recommendations of the Month

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