Announced during the Nintendo E3 2021 Direct is a brand new 2D Metroid title called Metroid Dread. A return to 2D, the announcement was easily one of my favorites from E3 2021. But what is Metroid Dread? Is it a sequel? A new game? What’s going on here? Not to worry, as we’ve gathered all the data for you. Read on and find out “Everything We Know So Far About Metroid Dread.”

What is Metroid Dread?

Samus Aran is back, in yet another Metroid title. We hinted about the existence of this game back in May 2021. This new 2D title sees our heroine running for her life against an enemy that has proved to be resistant to her attacks. Thus the name, Metroid Dread, is all about Samus’s attempts at staying alive. At least that’s all we know; for now. After all, this is a Metroid game, and there’s bound to be a complex and immersive story in there. This is also a direct sequel to Metroid Fusion (2002).

This is the same Metroid Dread in development for the Nintendo 3DS before it was canceled. MercuryStream, the same team that co-developed Metroid: Samus Returns, is working on Metroid Dread alongside Nintendo.


What’s interesting is after watching the reveal trailer, Metroid Dread is borrowing different bits from Metroid: Samus Returns. One such example is Samus’s ability to fire at any angle and her melee abilities. 

Is this Metroid 5?

Well, yes, it is. The code name for Metroid 5 has been Metroid Dread for quite some time. Did you watch the announcement trailer above? Did you see the Metroid 5 in giant letters? Yes, this is Metroid 5 – exciting, isn’t it?


When does Metroid Dread take place?

While we weren’t given an exact timeline, we have been told that this game picks up after Metroid Fusion. In fact, the suit Samus is wearing in Metroid Dread is the same suit from Metroid Fusion.

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Was that a Chozo I saw in the announcement trailer? 

You got a keen eye. It sure was a Chozo, and if you managed to complete Metroid: Samus Returns with all the secrets, you were treated to a special ending that possibly hinted at who that Chozo is.

Chozo from Samus Returns

What platforms is Metroid Dread heading to?

Metroid Dread is only playable on the Nintendo Switch. 

Does Metroid Dread have a release date?

Metroid Dread releases on October 8, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch.

Metroid Dread Reveal screenshot-02

Since this is a new Nintendo game, will there be any special edition Amiibos?

There sure are. A two new Amiibos have been shown, one of Samus and the other of the new enemy called E.M.M.I.


Metriod Dread Amiibos

Amazon Pre-order – $29.99
Gamestop Pre-order – $29.99
Best Buy Pre-order – $29.99
Target  Pre-order – $29.99

Do the Amiibo’s do anything special in the game?

They sure do. If you manage to get your hands on the amiibos, they add several perks to the game.  The Samus amiibo will provide an extra energy tank, including your health by 100. You’ll have to scan the amiibo every day for this bonus. While the E.M.M.I amiibo increases Samus’s missile-carrying capacity by 10. Just like the Samus amiibo, you’ll have to scan it each day for the benefit. 

Will there be a special edition of Metroid Dread?

Yes. Nintendo has already announced the Metroid Dread Special Edition. This includes a copy of the game, a steelbook case, a 190-page art book, and a set of holographic cards. It is currently priced at $89.99 and will likely sell out quickly. If you see this for sale, pick it up and then worry about your bank account later.

**Update** as of June 16, 2021, Metroid Dread Special Edision is sold out in every location. There’s a lot on eBay and I won’t advise paying the outrageous amounts, 2x – 4x the asking price. Unless you really need to have it. I can’t believe that Metroid Dread Special Edition sold out this fast. Sure, I expected it to sell out but in seconds? 

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The amiibos are also all sold out, in North America.

Metroid Prime Standard Edition Amazon Pre-order – $59.99
Metroid Prime Standard Edition Gamestop Pre-order – $59.99
Metroid Prime Standard Edition Best Buy Pre-order – $59.99

Metroid Dread Special Edition Amazon Pre-order – $89.99
Metroid Dread Special Edition Gamestop Pre-order – $89.99
Metroid Dread Special Edition Target Pre-order – $89.99
Metroid Dread Special Edition Walmart Pre-order – $89.99
Metroid Dread Special Edition Best Buy Pre-order – $89.99

Metroid Dread Special Edition

What does the Metroid Dread box cover look like?

It looks like this.

Metroid Dread Box coverart


Does this mean that Metroid Prime 4 is canceled?

Not at all. When Nintendo revealed Metroid Dread during E3 2021, it was stated that Metroid Prime 4 is still in development. If you’ve been keeping up, Metroid Prime 4 has had a troubled development cycle. Rest assured, Metroid Prime 4 is still being worked on. Metroid Dread is the revival of a title in development nearly 12 years ago and will give the Metroid fans something to play. That is, while Metroid Prime 4 is in development. 


That’s it for now. As soon as we find more information on Metroid Dread, we’ll update this article. 

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