Anime Expo Lite 2021 teams with anime music media outlet, LisAni!, to present – Anime Expo Lite x LisAni!LIVE L.A. – a very special live online concert featuring performances by ASCA, BURNOUT SYNDROMES, JO☆STARS, Liella! (Love Live! Superstars!!) and Morfonica (BanG Dream!) to complement this year’s two-day, livestream convention running Saturday, July 3rd through Sunday, July 4th.

This year’s online live Anime Expo Lite x LisAni!LIVE L.A. concert event is a special edition of “LisAni!,” a festival event that has been held annually in Japan since 2010 featuring a wide array of the latest ani-song music artists and groups.

Anime Expo Lite x LisAni!LIVE L.A.! takes place Saturday, July 3rd. Tickets for the concert are $27.00 each and require purchase an Anime Expo Lite pass. The concert will be accessible to audiences worldwide (**some exceptions may apply; please see Anime Expo Lite FAQ for details). Each concert ticket includes access to nearly 100 hours of Anime Expo Lite 2021 VOD content and programming that will be available through July 16th. Anime Expo Lite x LisAni!LIVE L.A.! Concert Details: • Show Date: Saturday, July 3rd • Time: 3:00PM – 5:30PM PDT • Purchase Tickets At:
(*Use your Anime Expo Lite ID # as the “access code” purchase a concert ticket) • Ticket Price: $27 each



ASCA drew initial wide acclaim in Japan for being a top 3 finalist in the 5th National Anisong Grand Prixas Asuka Ookura. In August 2017, ASCA’s first original song “RUST” was released in the anime music magazine “Lis Ani!”. Her fourth single “RESISTER” was the opening theme for Season 2 of “Sword Art Online Alicization” and went on to be certified as a Gold hit record. In 2019, ASCA released triple A-side single “RUST / Hibari /Koubou” followed by her debut album “Hyakka Ryoran.” Her long-awaited new album Hyakki yakou was released earlier this year.

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BURNOUT SYNDROMES is a rock band formed in Osaka in 2005. With their literary lyrics celebrating the Japanese language, the band craft their arrangements to color the world and are constantly pushing the limits of a three-piece group. In 2010, BURNOUT SYNDROMES appeared in the TOKYO FM “SCHOOL OF ROCK!” sponsored event “Senko Riot” and won the Semi-Grand Prix. The band made their major debut with the single “FLY HIGH !!” from EPIC Records Japan. The band has gone on to compose many anime theme songs for series such as “Haikyu !!,” “Gintama,” “Dr. STONE,” “Those Snow-White Notes,” and “HxEros.”


A super-powered trio that has provided the themes for the anime TV series, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.” JO☆STARS consists of Hiroaki “TOMMY” Tominaga, CODA, and Jin Hashimoto. Their opening song, “Jojo That Blood Memory ~ ENDOF THE WORLD ~” from JoJo’s Bizarre Fate of the Blood Stardust Crusaders Egypt Edition received the 20th Animation Kobe Theme Song Award. The band has appeared at ANIMELO SUMMER LIVE2015-THE GATE and released “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure THE ME SONG BEST” GENERATION.”

Liella! (Love Live! Superstars!!)

Liella! is a school idol group that appears in “Love Live! Superstar!!,” the latest installment in the multi-media “Love Live!” series. In April, they released their debut single, “Hajimari wa Kimi no Sora,” along with an animated music video. The group is slated to appear on a TV anime series beginning in July. Liella! members include Sayuri Date, Liyuu, Nako Misaki, Naomi Payton, and Nagisa Aoyama.

Morfonica (BanG Dream!)


Morfonica is the 4th edition of ‘real life bands’ from the next generation of the “girls band project” BanG Dream! (Ban Dori!), which combines anime, games, comics and ‘real life’ performances by voice actors. The group formed in 2020 as the project’s first violin rock band. Band members include Amane Shindo (Vocals), Hina Suguta (Guitar), Yuka Nishio (Bass), Mika (Drums), and Ayasa (Violin). Their 1st single “Daylight” which was released in May 2020, placed at #2 on the Oricon weekly sales rankings. In May 2021, they successfully held their second solo live concert, “Andante,” at Zepp Haneda.

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Tickets to access this year’s Anime Expo Lite programming are $5 each, with all proceeds benefiting the Hate Is A Virus commUNITY Action Fund. After the stream concludes on July 4th, ticketholders can re-watch the content, as well as access additional programming, on a VOD basis from July 5th -16th, 2021.


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