When it comes to video games, especially modern titles, many big-name companies prefer to have titles that can potentially become franchises and then let them make more money. For many fans, The World Ends with You had that potential, and yet Square Enix was never able to get a second game off the ground until the announcement of NEO The World Ends with You came. It’s coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 this July and fans are VERY excited for it.

But they aren’t the only ones, NEO The World Ends with You Producer Tomohiko Hirano had a chat with IGN and noted that he personally hopes that this sequel will allow the IP to become a true franchise like other Square Enix titles:

“Yes, that is what we’re aspiring for. But of course, as mentioned earlier, there was that big gap since the first title came out. So with the new title that’s coming out, and also the anniversary version of the game going live, we’re hoping we’ll see more demand from the players, which would serve as an opportunity for us to expand more on the franchise.”

Now, ironically, his wish is already partially coming true as the story of the original The World Ends with You is being showcased in a brand new anime that debuted recently. So if things go well, the sequel might get the same treatment eventually and the anime viewers might come and play the sequel to see what else is going on with this IP!


Only time will tell though.

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