Pokelabo Inc. (subsidiary of GREE, Inc.) and Square Enix are proud to announce a collaboration event between SINoALICE, the mobile fantasy battle RPG from acclaimed writer-director Yoko Taro, and the hit anime series Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-.
From today through April 30 at 5:59 (UTC), SINoALICE players can enjoy a limited-time scenario featuring beloved Re:ZERO characters and music from the series’ original soundtrack. Earn limited-edition character classes and up to 950 twilight crystals, equivalent to at least 33 grimoire pulls.
SINoALICE x Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Begins!
Log In During the Collaboration Period to Get Subaru Natsuki/Sorcerer and up to 950 Twilight Crystals
During the collaboration period, Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- characters will be featured in-game through an original scenario and limited-time grimoires. Music from the anime’s original soundtrack will feature throughout the exclusive storyline.
Log in during the event to snag Subaru Natsuki/Sorcerer and up to 950 twilight crystals. Worth at least 33 grimoire pulls, these crystals comprise 250 from the Re:ZERO Collaboration Announcement Social Media Campaign, 100 from Parrah-Noya’s Theatre Reward, 400 from SINoALICE TIMES, and 200 from purification event goals.
Log in during the event to get Subaru Natsuki/Sorcerer (VA: Yūsuke Kobayashi)!
Distribution Period
2021/4/16 (after maintenance) to 2021/4/30 at 5:59 (UTC)
Collaboration Event: Faraway Vow Begins
Collect mana medals from the collaboration event “Faraway Vow” and trade them in for Subaru Natsuki/Sorcerer arcana, collaboration character upgrade materials, and other fantastic items.
Period: 2021/4/16 (after maintenance) to 2021/4/30 at 5:59 (UTC)
Get Four Characters from Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- in
New STEP Grimoire: Moonlit Flower
Available in two parts, the Moonlit Flower STEP Grimoire bestows fan-favorite characters from Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-. Moonlit Flower Ch. 1 features Emilia (VA: Rie Takahashi) and Reinhard (VA: Yuichi Nakamura), while Moonlit Flower Ch. 2 introduces new Rem (VA: Inori Minase) and Ram (VA: Rie Murakawa).
Each grimoire summon grants players a step; on step 5, one featured SR weapon is guaranteed.
Period: 2021/4/16 (after maintenance) to 2021/4/30 at 5:59 (UTC)
STEP Grimoire: Moonlit Flower Ch. 1 Featured Characters
SR Weapon: Emilia’s Staff
Unlocks Emilia/Cleric
SR Weapon: Reinhard’s Sword
Unlocks Reinhard/Breaker
STEP Grimoire: Moonlit Flower Ch. 2 Featured Characters
SR Weapon: Rem’s Iron Ball
Unlocks Rem/Crusher
SR Weapon: Ram’s Spear
Unlocks Ram/Paladin
Re:ZERO Purification Event Begins
Earn Twilight Crystals and In-Game Rewards from Purification Nightmare Kills
During the collaboration period, purification nightmares will appear as Unseen Hands.
Earn twilight crystals and in-game items based on the total Unseen Hands defeated.
Period: 2021/4/16 (after maintenance) to 2021/4/30 at 5:59 (UTC)

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