The gaming world in 2021 is set to try and get back to what was in terms of game production, gaming presentations, and more. And yet, there are some expectations that have yet to be fulfilled in their own way. For example, in 2020 was the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario franchise and Nintendo celebrated in grand fashion. 2021 is the 35th Anniversary of the Legend of Zelda franchise and while we do have the announcement of Skyward Sword HD coming later this year, some feel that more should be on the way.

This brings us to industry analyst Jeff Grubb. Who in a video (below) noted that there were going to be multiple Legend of Zelda re-releases this year as part of the celebration. In fact, he rather casually says Legend of Zelda games in the plural sense, so thus many are wondering if he has a notion of what may come. You can find it below at about the 18:40 mark.


So the question then becomes, what remakes? Skyward Sword is announced already for Switch, Twilight Princess HD and Wind Waker HD was prevalent on the Wii U and Link’s Awakening was remade for the Switch in 2019 and had great success.

Some think that they might try and pull a Super Mario 3D All-Stars and do a compilation of games, but since most of the main ones have been ported to death, perhaps they’ll go for remakes of ones that haven’t?

A key example of this would be the beloved handheld games from Legend of Zelda’s past. Like with Oracle of Ages/Seasons, The Minish Cap, A Link Between Worlds, and more. 

Many haven’t had the chance to play those games, and if given a new coat of paint, could very easily be majorly successful on the Switch and a perfect way to celebrate the 35th anniversary.


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