Mihoyo held an English version of their original live stream with the voice actors for Aether (Male Traveler), Paimon (Emergency Food), and Venti (Best Girl) where they detailed everything coming up in the 1.4 patch. Sorry to say that for those looking for a new land to explore, this patch isn’t for you.

The good news is that there is even more reason for you to spend a ton of money on the game as they are bringing back the banners or two of their 5-Star characters: Venti and Tartaglia (Childe)! If you missed them the first time around (like I did), you will get a second chance at them once the 1.4 patch goes live. This also confirms that Mihoyo will rerun banners so if you missed that 5-Star that you’ve always wanted (like I did for these two along with Ganyu, Albedo, Jean, and Klee), there is hope that you will have another chance to acquire them in the future!

Also, along with Venti and Tartaglia, they announced a brand-new 4-Star character, Rosaria, who is going to be a Cryo Polearm user.


Aside from the characters, Patch 1.4 is going to continue the theme of festivals but this time, it is Mondstadt’s turn to host one. An Invitation to Windbloom is a new festival event filled with gliding minigames, balloon-popping minigames, and Arena event where you can battle monsters one after the other, an event involving the Oceanid world boss, and a brand-new permanent game mode which turns Genshin Impact into a dating sim.

Before you get a bit hot south of the equator, it’s not what you think. It’s a simple mode called Hangouts where you can talk to four pre-selected characters and go through a multi-choice chat path in order to get different endings. You can earn rewards for each ending you get. Up first are Bennett, Chongyun, Noelle, and Barbara.

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On top of all this, there will be the continuation of the Archon quest where you will continue to aid Dainsleif.

Finally, there are some game optimizations coming in 1.4 including:

  • Hold 5 Condensed Resin (Up from 3)
  • Recipes can now Auto Cook or Manual Cook at all times
  • All crafting actions have been optimized
  • Players can now lower the World Level by 1 (Starting at World Level 5)
  • Multiple namecards can be displayed on a profile
  • You can now restart a Spiral Abyss floor instead of quitting
  • Spiral Abyss’ interface has been optimized

No release date for Patch 1.4 has been announced as of yet; however, many places are speculating this month. Take that for what you will.

You can check out the full stream below:

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