What if The Callisto Protocol actually takes place in the Dead Space Universe?

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We know what they said, but the proof is all here.

Ever since we all saw the trailer for Glen Schofield’s upcoming SCI-FI horror title that many of us (shout out to our YouTube community), myself including, call the Dead Space successor, my brain can’t stop thinking about the trailer. Things got interesting when I started talking to fellow Dead Space fans. We started analyzing the trailer, which was when we started to notice a few things specific to Dead Space. As for many of us, The Callisto Protocol is the next best thing until EA decides to give us a Dead Space Remake; if and when that ever happens.

Which got us wondering if the universe this takes place in is actually the same as Dead Space. Yes, we know it was mentioned that The Callisto Protocol exists in the newly created PUBG universe. However, the references we’re about to go over are pulled directly from Dead Space.

Read them all, then ask yourself this; if this is in a new universe, why so many references?

What if this is actually taking place in Dead Space?

Alright, this is all pulled from The Callisto Protocol trailer, so you’re able to refer back to it to double-check these references. You’re going to be shocked, but that’s great, especially if you’re a Dead Space fan.

Reference #1 – At 0:08 into the trailer, on the upper-right hand side of the wall, you’ll see the following “I.C. was here”; “J.C. was here too.” These initials refer to Isaac Clark, the protagonist of all the mainline Dead Space games, and John Carver, who was introduced in Dead Space 3.

The Callisto Protocol - I.C was here

Reference #2 – At 0:18 seconds in, there’s a book on the unwilling participant’s bed that reads “The Engineer’s Handbook,” written by E. Langford. E.Langford is Ellie Langford, the engineer that accompanies Isaac Clark in Dead Space 2 and 3.

The Callisto Protocol - The Engineers Handbook

Fun Fact: Ellie has two different colored eyes as she was stabbed in the eye with a screwdriver by Nolan Stross. When we see her in Dead Space 3, she has a new eye (the green one).

Ellie Langford - Dead Space 3
Ellie Langford Dead Space 3

Reference #3 – At 0:21, we see the familiar “neck health monitor,” which has been present in every Dead Space game. I haven’t seen any other game utilize the health display like Dead Space has.

The Callisto Protocol - neck health monitor

Reference #4– At 1:28, right when we see the cells being monitored, we see several familiar names; K. Daniels, C.Mercer, and L.Murdoch. These are Doctor Challus Mercer’s names from Dead Space 1, Kendra Daniels, also from Dead Space 1, and Lexine Murdoch from the Dead Space 2 DLC “Severed” and Extraction, a rail shooter game, and it takes place before the events of Dead Space.

Doctor Challus Mercer, well, he’s a bastard. He’s a sick individual who sets up numerous traps that the player will encounter throughout the first game and is the human villain. A scientist on the USG Ishimura, and a fanatical Untiologist, he viewed the Necromorphs as the next stage of evolution – and almost became one.

Kendra Daniels was an agent who posed as a computer specialist but was working for an unknown party. She accompanied Isaac Clark and Zach Hammond from the USG Kellion and arrived aboard the USG Ishimura, and she complained a lot. 

Lexine Murdoch was another survivor of the Dead Space incidents, much like Isaac Clark, and remains in hiding. For she knows if she’s found, she’s as good as dead.

Dead Space Lexine Murdoch

Reference #5 – Towards the end of the trailer, at 1:35, a ship requests permission to land, the USG Charon (I think it’s spelled that way). While I don’t see any similar ships in Dead Space, the “USG” designation is that of the Concordance Extraction Corporation, also from Dead Space. They are a mining company responsible for the creation of the planet-cracker ships.

The Callisto Protocol - USG Charon

Reference #6 – The last and final (so far) reference is the song we hear as the Callisto Protocol logo appears at 1:49. If you’re a Dead Space fan, you’ll hear a familiar song, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” except it is distorted and just a few seconds of it.

Give it a listen, below.


That’s all the references found so far. However, we’re still combing through the trailer and will update if more are found. But what do you think? Are there enough references there to make you think, even for a moment, that perhaps the PUBG universe is all just a red herring to through us off track?

The Callisto Protocol is still a long way from being released, and we won’t see it until sometime in 2021. Until then, we’ll be covering the game as close as possible.