Hoo boy.

First Interspecies Reviewers was like “okay, so there are some hentai connotations here.” Then, Redo of Healer was like “Well… it’s borderline hentai… almost like a softcore Cinemax show at 1 AM”

You can already see the progression happening! Now, comes the creme de la creme! 


It was announced by Comic Festa that the hentai manga series Kuro-Gyaru ni Natta Kara Shinyu to Yatte Mita is getting a television anime adaptation with two different versions. One that is “safe for airing” and another which is… well.. quite the opposite of safe. If you don’t understand Japanese, then perhaps the English title will clue you in as to what this series is about. The English title is I Became a Kuro-Gyaru so I F***ed My Best Friend.

We did it, boys. We’ve achieved the pinnacle of anime!

The official website describes this series as follows:


But I’m getting pretty excited, thinking about doing a female Shion.” I’m dripping wet down there, thanks to my best friend’s touch… Has he always been so good at sex…!!?

A more accurate description is that Shion is a boy with a best friend named Rui. Shion swallows a pill that transforms him into a girl and now he wants to diddle diddle Rui.

The anime is slated to air on April 4. You can check out the safe version of the first episode below

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