Every once in a while there is a show that comes around that just rallies around its fanbase and the fanbase gives back just as much love in hopes that it never goes away. Such is the case 100% for the Harley Quinn cartoon series. This was a show born on the now-defunct DC Universe streaming service and despite a certain amount of hype for it, it blew people’s minds (literally and figuratively in certain cases) with its R-rated violence and humor, hilarious gags and characters, and more.

The first two seasons were aired almost back-to-back, and then Warner Bros went silent in regards to a potential Season 3. But then, via HBO Max where most of the DC Universe shows ended up, Harley Quinn Season 3 was confirmed. And today, showrunner Patrick Schumacker confirmed that the audio recordings for Season 3 had begun!


There were many reasons why fans wanted this series to return. But the biggest one in the eyes of most fans was that Season 2 ended with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn getting married and driving out into the sunset…with the police on their tails.

Schumacker and the team promised that if season 3 came they would absolutely dive into their married life and not do the typical “fight and break up and get back together” trope that MANY superhero shows and movies do.

So fans can take heart that progress is underway and that soon they’ll be watching Harley Quinn Season 3 soon!

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