Nintendo is making sure that unlike last year, the first half of 2021 is full of both 1st AND 3rd party titles for Nintendo Switch. We just had the release of Bowser’s Fury, and soon, we’ll be getting Bravely Default II. The Bravely series earned a lot of praise for its two games on the 3DS, and with its first console title, people are curious what it’ll be like in full.

As such, Bravely Default II producer Masashi Takahashi recently spoke with Dengeki Online and discussed the unique challenges and advances of taking the game from the 3DS and bringing it onto the Switch. The graphics were obviously a big thing they could improve, but they also wanted to make sure it adhered to what came before:

We were able to make great strides in everything from the graphics to the music and characters to make it feel like a true sequel. Even with all the improvements though, we felt it was important to make sure it still resembled the previous titles in some way.
As an example, if you look at the towns in the game, previously we wanted to make create a feeling that players were walking on a painting in a 3D stereoscopic view. To keep the same feeling in this title, we decided to create the town as if it were paper craft. Once we prototyped it, things felt right and we decided to fully embrace the idea.

He also noted that because of the shift to the Switch, they made the UI from scratch as there was only 1 screen to work with this time.


You can get the game on February 26th.

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