Now that the 3rd season of Netflix’s Cobra Kai has been released, we’ve been very eager to discuss it among ourselves and with you. And that’s exactly what we’re doing in today’s Spoilercast. Join Keith, Sara, and Todd, who are some of our biggest nerds and geeks (aren’t we all?) as they break it all down and cover every aspect of the bone-crushing also delightful saga that started back in The Karate Kid all those years ago.

And if it wasn’t already apparent, there are spoilers here! If you haven’t watched Cobra Kai Season 3, you’re going to ruin it by listening to this first. So please, watch it if you haven’t.

Lastly, because this a new series, we can’t show you any content from the show. Well, not without getting in some trouble, so there isn’t any video. This is fine, as you can just put this on in the background and enjoy! Alright, that said on to the show, and we hope you enjoy it!



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