Rip and Tear in Fall Guys With DOOM Costumes

If you want to play as Doom Guy in the bubbly world of Fall Guys, you will be able to do so on January 12th.

Devolver Digital has released a trailer showing off the new Doom Guy skin as well as the CacoDemon and Cyber Demon. It is a good tribute to the original game as it takes cues from the original Doom Eternal trailer.


As with the usual cost of these costume, the maximum cost is 10 crowns total for a full set for one.  So if you want one, save and earn those crowns now.

UPDATE: The Costumes are confirmed to be 3 Crowns a piece instead of the general 5 as confirmed from the Fall Guys Team


The Costumes will be dropping on January 12,2021. This is the latest addition to other collab costumes, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Godzilla, Hot Line Miami, and Portal. There are many more costumes that is still left possible. One possible collaboration is with Yoko Taro of Nier fame. But who can say who will be the next special costume for Fall Guys :Total Knockout.

Fall Guys: Total Knockout is available on PC and PS4. The Doom Costumes will be released on January 12, 2021.

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