Today, the United States will get a new president, but it appears Resident Evil has a new queen. First revealed in the original trailer for Resident Evil Village, the vampire lady will appear in the upcoming game set for release later this year. However, only in the most recent trailer have fans realized that this pale, smiling woman is actually quite tall. Extremely tall. And as with many unusual and eccentric characters on the internet, she has gone viral. 

In the latest teaser trailer shown above, not only do we get another glimpse of Extremely Tall Vampire Lady, but we get a short clip of her ducking through what we can only believe is a normal-sized door. Therefore, we can see that Resident Evil Village wants us to know that this woman has height on her side. And evidently, the internet has taken notice:



Clearly, there are a wide variety of reason why people are excited for the wide-brimmed hat-wearing lady. And as an added bonus for fans, Capcom has released a code for players to download a PlayStation Network avatar of the woman, pointed out by Wario64 on Twitter. The avatar can be claimed by redeeming code LEJH-M8N9-E5XF on the PlayStation Store. 

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So far, little is known about the woman’s role in the game, other than the fact that she is extremely tall, likely an antagonist, and may or may not be an actual vampire. It’s also possible that all the other characters are just tiny, but this seems unlikely. We may know for sure soon, however, as Capcom will host a Resident Evil showcase at 2 pm Pacific Time, tomorrow January 21st. Tune in for a first look at the gameplay of the game, and perhaps confirmation on whether this lady sinks her fangs into peoples’ necks or only their hearts.

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