The folks behind the fan game, Mega Man Maker, held a live stream where they showed off their 1.7 update which adds a TON of new content and features to the game! Here are some of the things you can expect

New Bosses: Quick Man, Freeze Man, Strike Man, Yamato Man, Fire Man, and Splash Woman. In the case of Splash Woman, there is an “out of water” version of here where she sits there and calls down tridents from the sky before shooting a single Laser Trident at you from her position!

13 New Weapons: Some of the weapons include Dust Crusher, Gryo Attack, Super Arm, and Napalm Bomb. In addition, 2 exclusive weapons are being added: Kamikaze which destroys everything on the screen and reduces you to 1 HP… and Heal which restores 4 HP.


New Gimmicks: TONS of new gimmicks are coming including On/Off switches (that can be affected by other gimmicks), Fuse Man electric tiles, electric beams, and conductors, jump through platforms, bounce balls, and more.

New Enemies: such as the Giant Fish from Mega Man 2 that generates shrimp enemies, the UFOs from Mega Man 10 that reverse conveyor belts (as well as on/off switches), propellor mets, and more!

New music and tilesets from Mega Man Powered Up and The Wily Wars.

The ability to change the music throughout the level


Beat and Tango: Beat works like Flappy Bird while Tango works like Rush Coil from Mega Man 5.

Wily Mode is getting a difficulty slider to customize your experience

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A brand-new server for faster load times and new features such as seeing the upvote/downvote ratio, enhanced searching and filtering, and more.

But the biggest addition to the game…

ROLL IS A PLAYABLE CHARACTER! – Roll uses a broom to attack that works like Zero’s Saber from Mega Man X4. She also has a “roll” as a slide and is invincible while rolling. However, she cannot roll again immediately and must wait a small time for her roll to reset. Also, unlike Mega Man, she can use her roll to fall down 1-tile gaps where Mega Man’s slide requires 2 tiles to come out of the slide.

All this and so much more is coming and it is coming soon!


How soon?

Tomorrow! (as of the time of this posting), aka Sunday, January 10, 2021!

You can check out the trailer/stream for 1.7 below:


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