The CW may be creating a lot of their own content, and catching a lot of teen viewership that way, but there’s no reason not to grab a hit from our neighbors up North when you get the distribution rights. And in the wake of the end of Supernatural, the CW has wisely picked up a new show about the things that go bump in the night from CBC, called Trickster.

The plot of Trickster is pretty simple: Jared is an indigenous teen from the Haisla Nation who has enough on his plate with school, working to keep his family afloat, and taking care of his hard-partying mom. But when a mysterious man comes to town claiming to be his father, Jared finds out that he may not be exactly human. Or, you know, ravens can just talk now. The show stars Joel Oulette as Jared, along with Crystle Lightning, Craig Lauzon, Kalani Queypo, Anna Lambe, Joel Thomas Hynes, Gail Maurice, and Georgina Lightning.


The trailer is full of creep imagery like skin monsters hunting through garbage, talking ravens that seem to mock Jared, black-eyed supernatural creatures, and looming doppelgängers, which makes it a good replacement for the recently ended Supernatural. It’s also cool that it features a mainly indigenous cast and will talk about issues facing the Haisla Nation, which will mirror a lot of problems indigenous communities everywhere. It’s a smart move on the CW’s part as well, given that they won’t need to put down too much money if the show doesn’t connect with audiences.

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Trickster premieres on the CW on January 12, 2021.

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