So… I heard some “things” about this series and saw that it could end up being another internet shitstorm much like Goblin Slayer and Interspecies Reviewers was. Naturally, that piqued my curiosity so I decided to check out Redo of Healer (Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi).

Was it as bad as everyone warned me of?

Let’s Go!


First Episode Synopsis

Keyaru is a boy chosen to be a hero. In fact, he was chosen to be a healer, and, as such, Princess Flare comes to greet him and take him away to the imperial city where he will enlist his services to the king. Right when Flare finds out what kind of powers he has, she forms a bit of disdain for him. Of course, this all happens after our main plot is set up. The show actually starts off with Keyaru going back in time to redo his life. He didn’t like the way he was treated and abused by his party, which included Princess Flare, so he used his powers to defeat the Demon Lord and use the Philosopher’s Stone that was embedded in her to go back in time and redo everything.

There, a voice called out to him where he meets the Spirit of the Stars which grants him the power to see all things… including true names, stats, and all of that nifty RPG stuff. He also regains his memories and realizes that he wanted to go back in time to reshape the world in his image and to get a measure of revenge on everyone who made his life a living hell.

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Yes… the main protagonist is a tragic villain!

Once we get that established, we’re back to Keyaru getting laid by castle maids! Yeah… there’s no actual revenge here in the first episode; however, from what I’ve been told about this series… it’s coming…just like Keyaru was doing night after night after night inside of various women.


The episode ends with the great swordsman, Kureha, arriving at the castle. Keyaru uses his healing powers to restore her lost arm. The big drawback to his powers is that each time he heals someone, he sees and experiences all of the pain and suffering they went through to get that injury. After healing her arm, he falls over after foaming at the mouth. Flare thinks he’s useless and puts out an order to have him drugged and experimented on until he can be more useful. This is where Keyaru swears his revenge!

Worth Watching?

HOO BOY – So… I’ll be honest here. After what I heard about this series… I can tell you that this is definitely not going to be something everyone should watch. It’ll probably spark a few heated debates with people on the internet who believe forcefully pushing their agenda on others is being productive and righteous!

With that being said… if you want a risky series to get into… and sensitive subjects amuse you… then Redo of Healer is probably worth the watch. Taking away the upcoming controversy that this anime will most definitely achieve… the actual story itself isn’t all that bad. It kind of has a Rising of the Shield Hero type story except I don’t think the main character is going to come back around to the good side any time soon… or at all.

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The second reason why I’m sticking with this show… it’s another fantasy series that’s NOT an isekai! Truck-kun is absent again and that’s a breath of fresh air for me! In fact, this makes two non-isekai fantasy shows in one season that I’ve seen! Is this real life?

Don’t let the streaming sites fool you, folks. There ARE uncensored versions of this show out there. You just need to find them. Then you can see all the luscious big boobs that you want. Otherwise, enjoy seeing all the blacked-out blurriness that you could ever want.

I thought the first episode was pretty good, to be honest. I have a pretty… uh… unique mindset so what is coming up doesn’t bother me one bit. I’ll continue to watch it. I’ll leave your decision up to you.


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2 days ago

Episode 1 was tame in comparison of episode 2.