OELN Starter Pack & Manga Giveaway Announced

It was announced by YouTube reviewer L.C. Gatsu that he has partnered with companies and authors for an OELN Starter Pack & Manga Giveaway! The contest is open to anyone in the world. 

Here is a list of prizes available to win and the companies/authors who are submitting them:

  • MoonQuillLord of Goblins Vol. 1 (OELN – 4 copies) | A Bard’s Tale Vol. 1 (OELN – 4 copies)
  • Novel HorizonsOne-Two-Five (OELN – 4 copies)
  • J.J. PiedraA.R. Dragonfly (OELN – 4 copies)
  • Justus R. StoneThe Bleeding Worlds Vol. 1 (OELN – 4 copies)
  • Ink BambooRebirth of the Undead King (OELN – 4 copies)
  • L.C. GatsuBerserk Vol. 1 (manga – 1 copy) | Pluto Vol. 1 (manga – 1 copy) **UK Only for this prize

The contest begins today, Wednesday, December 16, and runs through Thursday, December 31 which gives people just a little over two weeks to enter. The winners will be announced on January 1, 2021, in an announcement video. 


The rules to enter the tournament are as follows:

To check out the Giveaway video and enter, hit the YouTube button on the video below:

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