Cyberpunk 2077 Special Edition Xbox One X

I was Almost Scammed Out of A Special Edition Xbox One X

Scammers are still a pain to deal with on eBay.

What you’re about to read are events that recently happened to me as I tried to sell a gaming console on eBay. An experience I don’t wish on anyone, so please be careful out there.

Right when Microsoft had announced they were going to release the Cyberpunk 2077 Special Edition Xbox One X, I purchased one on a whim.  I’m not quite sure why I did, as I had already owned two Xbox One X’s, the launch Scorpio edition and a regular One X. I suppose it was because it was Cyberpunk 2077, and at the time, I was hyped to play the game. That’s not to say I’m not anymore, but I’ll be playing it elsewhere.

Anyway, I had received the console, and it just sat in my office. Even while I had shown it off a few times on live stream, I never opened the box. Mainly because I had thought about just returning it; I didn’t need it. Adding to that was before I received the console, I had also purchased the Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One Controller. Eventually, I decided to return it, but right around then was when the marketing for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 had started. To which I thought to myself, “I could easily sell this on eBay and make some extra cash.” Mind you, when I sell stuff like this on eBay, I usually do a small markup. Like 50 dollars or so, nothing outrageous. My goal is to make what I spent, and I’m good. I’m not one of those greedy folks looking to make a huge difference in price.

Besides, at the end of the day, it was still just an Xbox One X. No amount of special looks will get past that point of logic. Sure, it looks cool, but looks get you but so far.

Cyberpunk 2077 Special Edition Xbox One X

So I snapped a few pictures and put it on eBay – all the while, I was nervous about doing so. It had been two years since I put anything worth more than $100 on eBay, as my last attempt at selling something was a horrible experience. I had sold an Audio/Video receiver in perfect condition. It sold, then the buyer said it didn’t work and returned it with a huge dent in it and a cracked circuit board – it was ruined. Thankfully I had taken lots of pictures, and when it was time for eBay to step in, they sided with me. So you can imagine why I was a bit nervous.

I ended up relisting the Cyberpunk 2077 Special Edition Xbox One X three times, as one person backed out while another would have cost me way more than I was willing to pay to ship it. The final buyer asked if it was ever opened, to which I replied “No,” and they agreed to purchase it. Everything went smoothly; I got paid, they got the Xbox, and all was well.

Or so I had hoped that was the case.

About two weeks later, the buyer contacted me and started telling me several things. Firstly they claimed the box was opened and that I had tried to scam them. Funny enough, they provided an image of the tape used on the box. Secondly, they stated the Xbox was broken. I circled back and explained that the box was never opened and that image they sent was for the slipcover that went around the Xbox package. Which also showed that the tape for the actual box was still intact. When I asked what was broken on the Xbox, they said it didn’t start.

Ok, if it didn’t start, I’d be fine with that and would take it back. However, when I asked them to send proof that they didn’t redeem the codes included in the box, they didn’t. When I reached out again, asking for images of the Xbox, they also refused. At this point, I started becoming suspicious that this person was trying to scam me. eBay and Paypal contact another few days past and me, as the buyer opened up a case against me. A case that frustrated me to no end as neither eBay nor Paypal was available to contact over the phone. And despite multiple attempts to contact them via chat and email had failed.

Funny how, after this was resolved, both of their social media accounts got back to me. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the potential scammer tried to frame it that I lied and sent a non-working Xbox, though they never replied to my requests. Afterward, Paypal placed a hold on the funds, and I was now out of the money and the Xbox. A few days go by, and Paypal contacts me and fills me in on what’s going on.  They continue to tell me that I can reply or I can refund the person back the money. Mind you; they were also telling me because the buyer said it wasn’t the item they purchased that they could keep it.


Now imagine a volcano erupting, because that’s what was taking place in my mind. I tried to let cooler minds prevail, but that wasn’t happening. I stood to lose my money, my Xbox, and this scum could get away with everything. Frantic, I attempted to contact Paypal again and was placed on hold. My wife noticed me visibly upset and tried to calm me down by asking what’s wrong. Yeah, that wasn’t helping. After filling her in, I can see her face turn from helpful and concerned wife to a face that resembled mine; we were both pissed. She even uttered the words that I was already thinking; this person probably has done this before.

Back to Paypal, who still isn’t answering my call and had placed me on hold for two hours at this point. Defeated, I leave yet another message to have Paypal call me because this person is obviously trying to scam me. Another day goes by, and I get yet another email from Paypal, telling me that they decided it would be best if I refunded the buyer, only after they had sent the Xbox back to me.

In my mind, I’d least get by console back, though I wouldn’t know what shape it would be in. Or if it was even an Xbox in the box. I obviously disagreed with this, but when my only response was to accept it, my decision was already made for me. And then something happened. The buyer provided Paypal with the same damned tracking number I had provided them when I shipped the Xbox originally. Now I was beyond frustrated! How the hell did Paypal not check the tracking number? It already shows when it was delivered and that I was the person who sent it!

Yeah, the hell with this office!

Back on the phone, I went, but this time I could get ahold of someone after 30 minutes. I pleaded my case and was put on hold… and then the phone hangs up. God Damn It! I thought to myself that maybe they’d call me back, so I wanted for 15 minutes. The call never came, so I called them again; 25 minutes, 50 minutes go by, and then I hear the voice of someone asking if they could help me. I nearly cried. 

From the top, I explained the situation, provided all my info, and the person on the other end sounded like they were in disbelief. She asked me how this could have happened, to which I replied I’d love to know that myself. She sounded concerned, and that made me feel better for the moment. Now I’m getting somewhere, and the helpful person started digging into the case. A few minutes go by, and she tells me that the person had sent Paypal a message regarding the case. This is where it gets humorous.

According to the scammer scum, they contacted Microsoft to see if the console was ever connected to the internet. Of course, it wasn’t, I had never opened the box or set up the Xbox. Microsoft confirms this by telling them it wasn’t – there’s no record of it at all. Then I’m told that Microsoft said it would cost the buyer $200 to fix the console. Wait… what? It’s a new console; if it were broken, it would be a free repair for the first year unless it was dropped, set on fire, or something along those lines. This is why they never shipped the console and provided the tracking number I had originally provided.  So let’s see, you’ve been lying since you tried to return this and are still lying. Surely, Paypal would catch on.

Whoever this angel was, she agreed with me and said this all sounded suspect. Why would Microsoft charge for a repair this early? Right? Why did they not simply tell us what at the start? Right? Ok, case solved, but now what? Some good news, that’s what happened. Since it was later in the evening, I was told there wasn’t anything that could be done, but Paypal would call me in the morning to get the monies returned, and this case closed. GREAT, I can live with that. With a raised fist, I cried a little and celebrated. Take that, you damned scammer, I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Xbox One Controller Cyberpunk 2077 SE

Then a little later, during a Demon’s Souls session, the helpful person at Paypal called me back, sounding cheerful, and explained that she had escalated the issue up the chain and was able to get the money returned. Excited, I checked my account, and sure enough, the money was back. She mentioned that this scammer could file an appeal, but she doubts it would go where based on the collected information. Once again, I thanked her immensely, and I could tell from her voice that she was happy to have assisted me. I really feel like crap that I forgot her name because I’d love to send her a Christmas present for being so damned professional. That was a few days ago, but I still vindicated.

This person, this scum, actually tried to screw me royally, and it just goes to show that eBay nor Paypal don’t give a damn about putting the seller first. You can have all the proof in the world at your fingertips, and in my case, even have an attempt to fraud the system, and they won’t raise… well, a finger. If it weren’t for this person who understood just how screwed, It would be a different story.

For me, I’m done. I refuse to sell any big-ticket items on eBay. If I can’t sell it locally, I’ll hold on to it, trade it in at Gamestop or even Amazon. I’m done with eBay and all their crap.

As for that person who tried to scam me, I really hope you get everything that’s coming to you. But at least it won’t be that money!