The year that was 2020 (yes, we’re not out of it yet, but still…) was one of major promise and potential, especially on the movie front. There were some MAJOR films coming out, and not all superhero films to be clear. However, as the pandemic spread, movie theaters were forced to shut down and things got thrown into chaos. One of the biggest victims of this movie-wise was Wonder Woman 1984.

The film was originally meant to release last year and delayed itself so it could give Joker room to breathe (a wise decision as it made a billion dollars) and so it could open near the anniversary of the first film. But then, it got delayed to August, then October, and now, it will release on Christmas Day…and we mean it WILL release Christmas Day! Because despite rumors to the contrary, it WILL release on that day in theaters…but also…HBO Max.

Yes, it will indeed have a dual-release that is aimed to help people watch it and have something to enjoy on Christmas. This was confirmed by director Patty Jenkins who made a tweet about it:


The big tragedy about this is that Wonder Woman 1984 was very likely to gross a billion dollars, easily helping set up a third film (that both star Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins are up for), and now you have to wonder if it’ll be that easy.

This also raises questions about other films that have been delayed like Black Widow, because they have been delayed into next year…and 2021 is aiming but certain.

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