If anything good happened in the year 2020, it would be the emergence of Virtual Youtubers or Vtubers.

Since the growing popularity of Hololive, Nijisanji, and other independent Vtubers, it has been a growing force for smiles, good times, wholesome stories, lewd moments, and an overall bright spot year. While it had been growing popular this year, some claim that this popularity would not have happened without pioneers like Kizuna Ai, Kaguya Luna, Shiro, or even Zone-Tan that had done way before the idea and term “Vtubers” was coined into existence.  But that is not the main focus here.

The recent boom of Vtubers has brought gaining worldwide recognition, and it shows no sign of stopping. From its boom in Japan, then expanding to Eastern territories to now exposure to the West and the Americas. While the main groups like Hololive have incorporated English speaking Vtubers in their ranks and existence of other independent native Western Vtubers here in America, it begs the question if the West would ever put an official company in the business of Vtubers. There is a company by the name Tsunderia (Thanks Bane Plane) that is based in the West before, though it has not been gaining as much traction. However there is a new company that has been come in the public.


For the next Western Vtuber Agency, VShojo has entered the fray in the world of Vtubers.


Co-founded by one of the original Twitch’s Founders Justin “theGunrun” Ignacio & Phillip “Mowtendoo” Fortunat, a popular YouTuber who will have an extensive history of 3D Motion Graphics, who will serve as  Chief Technology Officer. The mission statement for VShojo is that it is a talent first company that is dedicated to the growth and success of its members. They want to bridge and push the boundaries of Vtubing and foster content while maintaining the respect of the people and companies that have helped.

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Regarding the talent, they have currently, the line up is varied and prolific in the West. The roster composes of Projekt Melody, the Vtuber who has become the first virtual Cam Girl on Chaturbate, who broke the site and that she is illegal in several countries due to her lewd debut.  Nyatasha Nyanners, evil in the form of a catgirl. Her goal is to be an idol and to take over the world. Those who grew up with YouTube will know her before her October debut. One of the Old generation Lewd/Cute queens of YouTube. Arpicot (Froot), an English necromantic Lich who wants to own her own Virtual Fashion brand. She also is an artist, with her artist name being BSApricot. Zentreya, a half-human dragon who is a fan of metal. Originally a war general, but has decided to rebrand into the red dragon that we see here. She utilizes a translator to speak, but it usually leads to some funny situations due to mistranslations. Silvervale, and Okami spirit who ventures into the human world out of loneliness. She is best described as the best balance of both wholesome and lewd. Though that can be easily be applied to the rest of the roster. But if you hear her “Ara~ Ara~,” steel your heart cause it is a moe~ shot. She was also featured in a special show on  Twitch hosted by Felicia Day.

Zentreya, Silvervale, Ironmouse, Projekt Melody, Nyatasha Nyanners, Apricot (Froot), Hime Hajime

 Ironmouse, the Puerto Rican Demon who is chaos incarnate. Also lewd and wholesome, but if you want a demon who has the attitude and energy of a thousand suns, look no further. Also, she is an advocate for the public to donate plasma as she disclosed she has Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) and takes plasma treatment.  Lastly is Hime Hajime, a well endowed Alien/Dragon/Robot Hybrid from a distant planet. She is the only one that has not officially been debuted, with her debut date has yet to be determined. As for her personality, she loves Alcohol and Video games, and apparently, she got her name from an eroge.

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These ladies were chosen to be the first to represent the Vtubers of the West due to their history and the hard work they put into their content and craft. With the characters they play, they all show a side of humanity and humility that is refreshing in 2020. For any long time followers on their Twitter accounts, they all have their own troubles and hardships, like Ironmouse’s CVID. However, the communities they built that have supported them in such times make these ladies such standouts in the Vtuber world. From what I have seen and heard of their stories, these ladies are wholesomeness at its finest. Mix that with some lewd antics and funny chaos, and you got a human bunch and anime fun that is surely moe~.

Hololive has had the market of Vtubers ever since their emergence. To now see that the West is finally putting their own company to compete is inspiring.  This also can inspire other independent Vtubers in the west to reach such heights or even join VShojo. The prospect and possibility of it all are endless, and I, for one, cannot wait to see what VShojo has in store for the West and the world of Vtubing.


You can see them on their official site at VShojo.com.

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Bane Plane
Bane Plane
10 months ago

Your headline is incorrect. http://tsunderia.com/about-us/ Tsunderia was likely in the works long before VShojo was, and debuted an introductory set of talents beginning in April of 2020. Their 2nd set, I.E. Tsunderia Gen 1 was dropped less than a week after VShojo. Note that VShojo is structured quite unlike Hololive or Nijisanji, but Tsunderia IS, so VShojo loses points for tradition as well.