There have been many adaptations of Pokemon in terms of anime. There’s the main anime featuring Ash Ketch, there’s Pokemon Origins which focuses on the character Red, there was Pokemon Generations that celebrated the LONG history of the franchise, and then, there was Pokemon Twilight Wings. A miniseries that delved deeper into the realm of Galar and the various characters that have lived there.

The series was very different due to its less than 10-minute format, as well as the focus on solo stories that also weave into a larger narrative of the Galar region and the people who live in it.

During an interview, screenwriter Sou Kinoshita talked about how it all came to be:


“Twilight Wings is a compilation of seven short-story-style episodes, and the one element that is shared by every episode is Galar’s Flying Taxi service. Because of that, we wanted to include words related to the sky. There were a few other concepts we had in mind, some of which made it into the title and some didn’t. For example, we thought it would fit well if we could include an aspect of “dawn” to convey the idea of how John and the other characters make impactful decisions, solve problems, have realizations, and draw on their bravery to take action.
We also thought of how we all have troubles to bear in life, and sometimes we get caught in a frighteningly dark, long night—and how wonderful it would feel if light finally crept in, and you could finally open your eyes to a wide blue sky and take off flying into that sky on your own wings. The title has been translated into several different languages for worldwide distribution, too, and I think the English name, Twilight Wings, has a nice ring to it as well.”

Indeed, and the most recent episode that came out tackled the DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield! We’d be more than happy to watch more of Pokemon Twilight Wings, only time will tell if they do it though!

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