Nexon’s free-to-play MMORPG, Mabinogi, received a brand-new content update that brings various limited-time events to help Milletians earn an abundance of rewards and help them advance in the world of Erinn starting today!

The update also adds a new, permanent Dungeon Guide System which helps escort players through subterranean chambers by providing information about the major dungeons in Erinn with recommendations based on a player’s physical and magical attacks. There are also guaranteed rewards to compensate players with some core rewards for their repeated efforts. A special shop was also added with useful items that players can buy by exchanging vouchers which can also be earned by completing dungeons!


There are also quests that players can complete during the Generation Boost Event which lasts through December 10. Rewards include:

  • Erg level 35 catalyst
  • Reforging tools
  • Gems
  • Pets
  • Outfits
  • Trade unlock potion
  • …and more!

Milletians will also receive a limited-time first title with strong stats that can be further upgraded. Completing G19-G24 is now easier and will also result in more grand rewards. Rewards will also be available to those who previously completed  G19-G24.

As a bonus, Mabinogi is also bringing back the Dungeon Drop Rate Increase Event through December 17. During the event period, players will enjoy an increase in drop rates for some of Uladh’s rarest items. Entering Uladh Dungeons with up to seven friends will also now be available permanently.

Starting December 3, even more events, buffs, and rewards will be added to help all Mabinogi players, whether active, returning or new, advance even further as they login to the game this Winter.

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For more information on the update or to check out Mabinogi for yourself, head on over to the official website here:

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