Welcome back to another of our Demon’s Souls Remake guides. You couldn’t stay away, could ya? But in all seriousness, let’s talk about those Greystone Shards and Chunks.

They’re incredibly hard to come by, yet they’re useful for upgrading the Crushing Weapons, which are upgraded versions of weapons that remove the DEX bonus but keep the STR bonus. Meaning the more you bump up your STR, the more attack power your weapon gets. Crushing weapons are incredibly powerful, and several weapons can be upgraded to Crushing status. 

However, as you have already noticed, the Greystone Shards and Greystone Chunks are a pain to come by. But fear not, there’s an area in the game that allows you to farm them without much trouble. The catch is you’ll need to have beaten the Flame Lurker boss to get access to his Archstone, Underground Temple (2-3). 


Alright, let’s get to farming!

Farming Greystone Shards and Greystone Chunks

Now that you’ve beaten Flame Lurker and have unlocked his Archstone touch it and warp back to the Archstone or travel to it if you’re in the Nexus or another world. Once there, turn around and head straight back. You’ll encounter three stone warms that you’ll need to dispatch. These are weak to magic, especially the Soul Ray or the Crescent Falchion. These worms have a chance to drop either the Greystone shares or chucks. Once then, head back up the hall and make a right, you’ll encounter three more worms. Beat them and pray they’ll drop the Greystone Shards or Chunks. 

This process works even better if you’re in a Pure Black World Tendency and have the Providential Ring, as it will boost your item finding ability. If you’re on a Pure White World Tendency, you’ll score more shards than chunks.

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Repeat this until you get all the items you need or you grow tired. The good thing is that the only enemies you’ll encounter are just the stone worms so that you can farm without any issues. Hopefully, this guide gets you one step closer to farming all the Greystone that you need.


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