Conquer the Vanguard Demon and kick the tutorial’s ass

In this Demon’s Souls Remake guide, we’ll explain the Vanguard Demon boss fight. Now, the Vanguard Demon isn’t an actual boss per se, but more of a “Welcome to Demon’s Souls” introduction. Not many have been able to best the demon during the tutorial level in both the original game and the remake, but it is possible. Yes, even with just starting gear and items, you need to be smart about it.

The Vanguard Demon has a health pool of 3,000, and if you manage to defeat it, you’ll be rewarded with the Grey Demon’s Soul. This can either be claimed for souls or use to craft the Dozer Axe.

Melee Tactic

I feel that a melee-based character has an easier time with the Vanguard, as your attacks are released much faster and have an edge in power. To beat down the Vanguard Demon, you’ll want to enter the fight either with your shield drawn (or not) and head to the immediate left or right of the demon. The reason for this is it has a mean swing that covers most of the area. Continue onward and get to its backside. It’s here where you’ll want to attempt to stay for the entire fight. 


Once you’re at the backside, watch for the axe swings, as the demon will attempt to turn towards you. Also, watch for his butt smash attack, where he’ll float in the air and slam his booty into the ground. It’s easy to see as it’s telegraphed. If you’re able to keep this up for the fight’s duration, which will take a while, the Vanguard Demon will be finished.

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Ranged Tactic

The ranged tactic is similar to the melee tactic, except that you can keep a distance from the Vanguard Demon and cast spells. If he manages to catch up to you, stop what you’re doing, and make your way behind him. Try not to use the lock-on while doing this as you won’t be able to run while sidestepping.

Keep your distance, keep an eye on your magic meter, and the Vanguard Demon will be vanquished. If you happen to run out of magic, firebombs work in a pinch as well.

Once you manage to take down the demon, you’ll see an Archstone that appears. Use this to be transported to a hidden area that is new to the Demon’s Souls Remake.


Wait, this is new… what is this.

New to Demon’s Souls Remake is a new area that wasn’t in the original game. If you managed to defeat the Vanguard Demon in Demon’s Souls, you were still taken to the Nexus. In the remake, you’re treated to a new area where you’ll find lots of goodies, including Hardstone and Sharpstone shards.

A massive demon looms in the background through this new area, menacingly looking for something to squash. Make your way through the area, collecting all the items, and head downstairs. Finally, the only place to is straight… with the demon finally noticing you and making sure you’re sent to the Nexus in a rather gruesome cutscene.

Welcome to Demon’s Souls! At least you managed to take down the first boss, right? Be sure to check out the rest of our Demon’s Souls guides, as we help you take on all sorts of baddies and conquer the game.

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