Demon’s Souls Remake Armor Spider Boss Guide

Welcome back to another Demon’s Souls Remake boss guide. In this guide, we’ll explain how to take down Armor Spider that you’ll encounter in 2-1, Stonefang Tunnel. I’m going to be perfectly honest, this may be the most challenging boss you’ve faced up to this point. 

The Armor Spider, even back in the original Demon’s Souls, was a pain to fight. In addition to dealing with damaging ranged fire attacks, it also shoots out webbing that can freeze you in place, allowing the Armor Spider to get in some free hits. The Armor Spider also has a leg sweeping attack that attacks in a cone in front of the boss. She can also raise her body and slam down on you if you’re too close. There’s also a damaging attack where the boss will lay down some oil on the ground and light it on fire. Going into this fight, equip fire-resistant gear if you have it.

A lot is going on, so you’ll need to pay attention to what the boss is doing.


This is not a melee friendly fight, and if you’re without any ranged attacks, this will be frustrating. You’ll be subject to many of the Armor Spider attacks; leg sweep, body slam, fireballs, and webbing; be prepared.

As you make your way towards the boss, she’ll be chucking fireballs that spread in direction and webbing. Avoid the webbing as it will freeze you in place and stop you from rolling. The fireballs are to be avoided at all costs. Once you get in cost, you’ll have to watch out for the leg sweep. You can avoid this by rolling into the attack, or you can block it. If you do block, make sure you have a shield that absorbs 100% of the attack.  

Eventually, she’ll lay down some oil that will be set on fire; you’ll need to decide to run back to the front of the entrance or block it. If you block, this is where having the fire-resistant gear is going to be key. Running back may be the best bet to avoid any damage.

Continue this until the Armor Spider is defeated.


This fight is a bit easier for ranged classes or if you’re using a bow. What you’ll want to do is equip the thief ring and cast the cloaking spell, if you have it. Doing this makes this fight trivial, as you can easily move out of range, and the boss won’t detect you anymore. Use this period to heal up, regain MP, or stay just out of range while doing damage.

Your ranged damage may not be as powerful as melee attacks and may prolong this fight. You’ll still need to watch for the ranged fireballs and webbing that the Armor Spider will toss at you.

Just like melee, when the oil is placed on the ground, run back to the entrance or block. Again, running is a better option.

Continue this until the Armor Spider is defeated.

Cheese Method

Yep, you can cheese this fight, though I normally am not a fan of doing this – you do what you have to do. As soon as you encounter the boss’s room, the Armor Spider won’t see you. And on either side, there are webbed bodies that can absorb the fire attacks and webbing. You can use these to hide from the attacks. From here, you can use a bow and arrow to attack the boss without it being able to attack you. 

Continue this until the Armor Spider is defeated.

Your reward for beating the Armor Spider is the Hard Demon Soul and 5,950 souls.

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