If you don’t know, Hyrule Warriors was made for the Wii U (then ported to the 3DS and the Nintendo Switch) and was aiming to be a very different kind of Legend of Zelda title by fusing the characters and lore of the franchise with the gameplay mechanics of Dynasty Warriors. It sold rather well, and that gave way to the title Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity which just launched on the Switch.

This second title in the burgeoning franchise acts as a prequel of sorts to Breath of the Wild, which no one saw coming before it was announced. As such, many people are wondering if more Hyrule Warriors games might be on the horizon. Or at the very least, more will come based on past and future Zelda titles.

Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma, as well as Age of Calamity producer Yosuke Hayashi, sat down with IGN to discuss this and their answers speak to a lot of potential:


“I do think circumstances could align like this again, but I don’t think we’re expecting this to become a series. We’d make that decision based on its creative merits, just like we did this time.” – Aonuma
“I think it depends on whether we get an idea that’ll make all the fans happy!” – Hayashi

Indeed, this was a special circumstance due to the love of Breath of the Wild and the freedom and openness that the main story had to give that could be put into Age of Calamity. Plus, as many will note, the Dynasty Warriors-style of game and gameplay isn’t for everyone, and oversaturation is something to look out for.

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But based on early reviews of Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity, they can at least say they did this one absolutely right. Stay tuned for our review of the title!

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