PS5 Showcase Announced for Wednesday 9/16

After the reveal for Xbox Series X and its prices, it seems SONY is finally making it’s move.

SONY has announced that this Wednesday 9/16, there will be a 40 minute showcase for the PS5 at 1 PM PCT/ 4 PM EST.


With this presentation, it is likely that we will finally know what the prices are for the PS5 systems, both the physical disc and digital only models. What are your predictions? I feel that it will meet with Microsoft and see to them at the $499 price range for the Disc model. For the digital model, either it will meet the Xbox Series S of $299, or be a bit more. Hopefully we don’t have to wait long to finally know what is the price of Sony’s next console.

Ready your wallets everyone. The consoles are coming.

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Philsophical, Gaming, Otaku, at your service! Born in Nintendo’s golden age, his blood runs on Mario and Nintendo. With his philosophical degree, he learns to see the big picture, other points of views and tries to make unbiased thinking and judgments. Part time Substance Abuse Case Manager, Full time gamer, otaku and student of life.

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