Mediatonic Reveals “Big Yeetus” & “Anti-Cheatus” Update Coming for Fall Guys

Mediatonic has been busy improving Fall Guys since it’s successful release.  Many have been enjoying the game and with the coming Season 2, things only seem to look up for the company. Though for PC users, there are many hackers and cheaters that are plaguing the servers. The team today has revealed a prototype anti-cheater/hacker detection method, which is marking cheaters and putting them into their own server dubbed “Cheater Island”.

The 21 post thread is up on Twitter detailing the idea and birth of the concept of “Cheater Island” as well the current problem that lead to it being removed.


During the release, the team has tagged many cheaters and has banned them from play. Course this didn’t stop them from coming back. So afterwards, they improved their anti-cheat system to detect players and if they are confirmed cheaters, they will be placed on their own servers, or “cheater island”. At first they’re wasn’t any cheaters on theses servers since the threshold for detecting cheaters was high. After lowering the threshold for hackers and cheaters, there were enough to fill these “cheater island” servers. But they worry of false flagging players that were not cheating, so it is a hard balance to maintain. Plus being open in regards to the anti-cheat developments with fans only give cheaters more ways to work around them. So in the end, they were in an ARMS race, as they called it. So at the current state now, they have called upon the experts at Epic to help them out.

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Thus the beginning of the coming update of “Anti-Cheatus”.

In regard to “Big Yeetus”, they have revealed some preview screenshots of coming additions to stages that will make them more fun/difficult. Such as Swinging balls and Hammers at particular points. Also replacing parts in Dizzy Heights. Instead of balls, now you have to contend with big watermelons.


Why must you be so cruel Mediatonic?

So before all this comes into effect, better wins those crowns as soon as possible. Also read our review as why it has captured the masses in recent months.


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