The 450 Wrestling Podcast – Episode 59 – The Impact of Change

Welcome to another edition of The 450 Wrestling Podcast! You’ll notice that this week the voices sound a bit different as we shook things up around here… except we didn’t draft people to the brands they were already on! With a change in the lineup and format of the show, we are looking to improve the podcast to bring it more in line with something you would expect out of a wrestling show. Each week could be something different. We will still do show recaps but it will be the highlights and the lowlights in summary format (unless we think a show warrants being covered from top to bottom), we will have actual topics of discussion that go beyond weekly shows and current news events, and, of course, we’ll cover all of that and everything else in between. The changes we’ve made look to offer more variety while still offering the same insight from the minds of knowledgable wrestling fans!


J.J. Piedra
Karl Smart
Matthew Paul


  • NXT Takeover XXX
  • AEW Saturday Dynamite
  • WWE Summerslam
  • Discussion: Two Month Experiment: Does IMPACT deserve, yet, another chance?