Microsoft's The Initiative

Xbox’s uber studio The Initiative won’t show anything during Xbox’s July Livestream

While Xbox is planning on hosting a live stream this month to showcase several 1st party Xbox games, it looks like not everything is going to be shown. One of their biggest studios, The Initiative, won’t have anything to show it seems.

According to Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb, the studio will not be showcasing any of their upcoming titles during the Xbox July 2020 live stream. You may remember my article on I wanted to see during this live stream and The initiative was on that list. Sadly, we’ll have to wait to see whatever it is they’re working on.

Why aren’t they going to make an appearance? Well, considering the studio has only been around for two years, with most of that time was used to bring in talent. We only heard from the company back during 2019, and even hen they didn’t have much to say, other than hello.

Suffice to say, that perhaps showing something that isn’t close to being finished might send the wrong signal. We all know that Xbox has a reputation that they’re trying to get rid of, so showing something’ this early might do more harm than good.

As for what they’re working on, that’s anyone’s guess. So far rumors have been making the rounds, from Perfect Dark being rebooted to an Uncharted-like title.  Whatever it is and seeing that the Xbox Series X launch is less than five months away, we likely won’t see anything The Initiative until 2021 or even 2022.

As for the July event, I wouldn’t worry about not seeing anything worthwhile. I’m sure Microsoft understands that hyping up this event and then showing nothing would be a huge mistake. Sony capitalized on Microsoft being too passive and went for the throat during their June live stream. Microsoft needs to fire back and show something that’s equally as entertaining.

Are you disappointed with the news or did you already expect this? Sound off in the comments and let us know!