Phil Spencer

Xbox’s Phil Spencer confirms one more Xbox Livestream for August

It was rumored that Xbox was planning on hosting yet another Xbox Livestream, this time in August. Now it’s all but confirmed that is happening, thanks to a recent interview that YouTuber/Content Creator iJustine conducted with Xbox head, Phil Spencer.

During this interview, Phil Spencer had a lot to say about the Xbox Backward Compatibility team and the possibility of an August 2020 event.

Yeah, we saw Ori and Dirt at 120fps and the frame rate and feel of games is something that you’re really going to feel at launch with Series X. I’m really impressed by the frame rates we’ve seen on backward compatible games from the devs and the back compat team. Focusing on the investment gamers have made in Xbox and making sure that continues, whether it’s the controllers you already own, whether the games that you already own, respecting a gamer’s relationship with our product is just critically important to me and is something that’s become a pillar for the team.

I’m encouraged to talk a lot more about it, which should be August. I think August we’ll have more to say.

Timestamp for this starts at 18:00

At this point, we can pretty much take what Phil has mentioned at face value. He is the boss of Xbox, and there’s still a whole slew of information that Xbox has failed to communicate to the gaming audience. And while the recent Xbox Livestream was better than the first one that was held in June, and we got to see a number of games, we still haven’t seen games running on the Xbox Series X. We still don’t have a price for the console, or launch window, just to name a few.

Surely one more event to fill in the blanks would be in the interest of Xbox, as well as PlayStation. Speaking of PlayStation, I’m sure we’re going to see one from them, likely in August as well.

The Xbox Series X is slated for a Holiday 2020 release, get your bank accounts ready.