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World War Z update adds PS4/Xbox One/PC Crossplay support, Dronemaster class added

Saber Interactive’s World War Z finally supports crossplay!

Announced a few months ago, Saber Interactive stated that they were working on bring crossplay to World War Z, and while it’s taken them longer than expected the update is live. This means that PS4, Xbox One, and PC players will be able to mow down scores of zombies along with their buddies, no matter the platform. Previously, only Xbox and PC players could co-op, but now it’s available for all platforms.

This update is free and is currently available to download now.

Included in this update is a new class called “Dronemaster”, and as the name suggests, this character has access to a drone that can incapacitate zombies if they get to close for comfort. The drone can also be customized for both single-player and co-op play, in both an offensive and defensive manner.

Lastly, the update includes quality of life improvements, weapon upgrades, gameplay rebalances and a new grenade launcher called the “ACW-20”. This new low-caliber, semi-automatic grenade launcher is great for taking out packs of enemies, but it can also some nasty splash damage to friendlies.

For those who haven’t checked out World War Z yet, the best way to describe this game is the second (third) coming of Left 4 Dead. The same great action, several classes to choose from, lots of zombies and it’s tons of fun, especially when you’re playing co-op. If Left 4 Dead was a favorite of yours then World War Z will soon become another favorite. The only thing that’s holding it back, IMHO, is that the PC version is only available on the Epic Games Store. Something about Epic Games and frustration comes to mind.

Still, I’m happy to see that crossplay support for all platforms is finally here. Download the update today and maybe I’ll see you around, yeah?