River City Girls Japanese Header
River City Girls Japanese Header

Wayforward confirms more River City Girls games are in the works

When Wayforward announced they were working on a follow-up to the NES classic River City (Kunio-kun) Ransom, with River City Girls, I’m not sure how popular they thought the game would end. Which ultimately ended up to be a solid beat ’em up game and one that I’ve played through a few times. The gameplay mechanics were solid, the music was enjoyable, it is a fun romp, for sure. Now Wayforward has stated that they’re not finished with the series.

During yesterday’s Limited Run Games Livestream, Wayforward announced they have more River City Girls games planned.

While there’s nothing to announce as of now, it’s still nice to see that the series will continue. Which goes to show that the game did better than some had expected. Honestly, I was surprised at much fun I had with the game. While it’s part of the River City series, it plays more similar to Scott Pilgrim vs the World, which is still stuck on the PS3 and Xbox 360. So if you enjoyed that game but wanted to play it on more modern consoles, River City Girls is waiting for you.

Though, I still had an issue with Wayforward not sticking to its guns and changing the original ending (Japanese) in update 1.1. I’d also love to see some online co-op in the follow-up, as my household aren’t fans of these titles as I am. Playing alone stinks.

River City Girls is currently available for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Give it a playthrough if you’re a fan of beat em’ ups, you won’t be disappointed, or least I hope you won’t be.