Stargirl Gets Renewed, Will Be Solely On CW Next Season

If you’re a fan of the DC Comics live-action TV shows, you’re in luck, because one of its newer ones, Stargirl, has officially gotten renewed for a second season. However, there is a bit of a twist on this renewal.

You see, Stargirl was made as part of DC Universe, and as such had a much bigger budget and leniency in terms of what to do and film and such. It’s even headed up by Geoff Johns, a DC Comics legend (as he made the comic character Stargirl after his late sister). It was given a simulcast of sorts on the CW for season 1 in an attempt to get more views on it. But as Deadline and others are reporting, the show will be given a second season…only on the CW.

Which means that yet another DC Universe exclusive has moved to another channel/service. The first was Doom Patrol Season 2 which moved to HBO Max. Titans is getting a season 3, but its not filming yet due to CoronaVirus shutdowns. Harley Quinn is one of the biggest things to get onto DC Universe (and it too has been shown on other networks after airing first on DC Universe) and fans are hoping and praying for Season 3 to happen. Young Justice is getting Season 4 but no word on when that will air.

This has left many wondering what the fate of DC Universe will be. Its low subscription numbers have been documented, and with the rise of HBO Max (and the announcement that they will have DC Comics shows of their own like Justice League Dark and Green Lantern) it might just make sense to merge the two together. Only time will tell though.

But for Stargirl fans, this is something to rejoice. If for no other reason than the CW has yet another hit DC Comics series, their universe will continue to expand, and Courtney Whitmore might just get to meet the rest of the Arrowverse someday.