New Mutants certainly has its share of troubles. Reshoots, consistently moving the release date back, and now delayed due to a global pandemic. Truly, one of the weirdest releases in terms of actually getting the film out there in recent cinema history. Still, that hasn’t stopped them from moving forward, now with the cast revealing even more footage from the completed film at San Diego Comic-Con, which is fully online this year.

The opening for the panel even makes fun of the fact that the film’s release date has been changed multiple times, slashing all of the old dates and showing tweets about the chaos before revealing the newest one, still set in August. From there, the panel looks at some fan-art (which is amazing), answers some questions, and then proceeds to show off a new trailer and the first scene of the film. If you want to jump to that in the video, it starts at around 24:35.


The scene shows Danielle Moonstar talking about how everyone has two bears inside them, one good and one bad, as she and her father running from a burning cabin. Her father goes back to help more people but it quickly killed by the force that is attacking, before Danielle walks up in a hospital bed. The trailer then follows, which gives us a closer look at the monsters that will be attacking these kids, including a massive bear-demon. 

There’s currently speculation that New Mutants will get a VOD release as well as potentially a Disney+ run, though no one has officially said anything.

New Mutants will (potentially) premiere in theaters on August 28, 2020.

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