Samurai Jack Battle Through Time

Samurai Jack Battle Through Time Gets Release Date

The Samurai Jack cartoon is perhaps one of the greatest projects in animation ever made. Designed to look different, a story meant to be different, and beloved by fans in a way many never even come close to, the series is legendary. In fact, we reviewed the long-awaited Season 5 when it returned to television after MANY years away. But the legend is not over, not yet, as a video game is going to tell one last story by telling EVERY story. This is Samurai Jack Battle Through Time, and it’s coming soon.

To be clear, this isn’t just a retelling of the saga, this is a story inside the saga that is is set just before the series finale, and not only does it have the original voice actors (save for Mako, voice of Aku), but the original team behind the show itself.  The game will allow you to be Samurai Jack in a way never done before, and likely never again. Here’s a true synopsis for the title and the release date trailer.

Voiced by the original voice-actors, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is an action platform game that spans across time and space, where your actions will determine a new legend!

An Untold Adventure That Ties Into the Epic Series Finale
Team up with trusted allies from the show to face off against familiar enemies.

Explore Worlds from the Award Winning Series
Visit classic worlds and moments from your favorite episodes. Travel to a dark future to free mankind. Dive into the past to face off against diabolical monsters. Seek your fate as you travel across space and time.

Create Your Own Legend
Equip and master over a dozen different weapons in combat. Increase your power even more by training and unlocking new skills to support your playstyle.

Samurai Jack Battle Through Time will be released on August 21, 2020 at a price of $39.99 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Steam), and Nintendo Switch.