Rooster Teeth Will Be at RTX at Home

Rooster Teeth announced today that they will be taking part in the virtual RTX at Home event. The event was originally scheduled in Austin, Texas but was delayed and ultimately canceled due to COVID-19. Like many other conventions that had to cancel, they opted to go for an online virtual event.

RTX at Home will take place from September 15-25. During this time, Rooster Teeth will have panels containing exclusive reveals from their series as well as virtual events that promise to bring fans together from around the world. will be a place that you can watch the RTX at Home event. If you’re on mobile, the RoosterTeeth app will also be streaming the event as it happens. There is no charge for the event for all FIRST members. A number of showcase panels will be free for everyone, including the RWBY Vol. 8 panel and the Red vs. Blue Zero panel. RTX at Home panels that will be free will be the RTX Animation Festival panel and the RTX Podcast Festival panel. Other panels will be locked behind the FIRST membership which is just $5 per month on

RTX at Home will include separate ticketed virtual meet-and-greets with Rooster Teeth personalities, personalized video recordings, group happy hours, and more! These experiences will be limited, and FIRST members will have early access to tickets. More details coming soon!

You can RSVP for the event today at