Right Stuf Announces Mobile Suit Gundam NT Narrative Limited Edition

Right Stuf announced during their panel at FunimationCon that they are releasing a limited edition version of Mobile Suit Gundam NT Narrative! The limited-edition will come with a slipcover as well as a special art book.

The release is scheduled for October 6 on Blu-ray! 

Right Stuf describes the home release as follows:

Mobile Suit Gundam NT (Narrative) Special Edition contains the anime movie directed by Toshikazu Yoshizawa, and includes an exclusive art booklet.

U.C. 0097… One year has passed since the contents of Laplace’s Box were revealed to the world at the end of the conflict called the “Laplace Incident.” Despite the revelation of the Universal Century Charter that acknowledges the existence and rights of Newtypes, the framework of the world has not been greatly altered.

Meanwhile, the Neo Zeon remnants known as the Sleeves have temporarily collapsed after the Laplace Incident, and their activities are at a standstill. And the two Unicorn Gundams, the mobile suits that played a leading role in the conflict, have been deemed dangerous and secretly sealed away because they displayed power beyond human understanding.

However, the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03, which disappeared two years earlier and was erased from history, has shown itself in the Earth Sphere once more. This machine called “Phenex” is the focus of many people’s renewed activity. As well as the Earth Federation Forces and the Sleeves, Luio & Co, a huge corporation with strong connections to Anaheim Electronics, is involved in the struggle for the Phenex. As Luio & Co. deploys the new mobile suit Narrative Gundam, what is its true objective…?

Special Features: Japanese Premiere Event, Interview with Writer, Director and Producer, L.A. Premiere Event, Commercials, Hathaway’s Flash PV, Trailer, North American Trailer, Preview, Short PV, Teaser, Zoltan Breaks Down the Universal Century in 3 minutes

The special edition is available to pre-order right now at the following link: https://www.rightstufanime.com/Mobile-Suit-Gundam-NT-Narrative-Special-Edition-Blu-ray