‘Ready Player One’ Will Get a Sequel Novel This Year

At long last, the sequel novel to Ready Player One will arrive this year on November 24th. It’s been almost ten years since the original novel by Ernest Cline was released in 2011. The name of the sequel novel? Ready Player Two, naturally. 

Publisher Random House tweeted out the news today:

The original novel became a hit, telling the story of a future in which people ignore their dull reality in favor of a virtual world offering a lucrative contest for players to take part in. 2018 saw a film adaption of Ready Player One directed by Steven Spielberg. In our review of the movie, we called it “an adaptation in a very loose form; but magically done in a more Hollywood tone for a more general audience.”

It’s too soon to find out whether Ready Player Two will get a corresponding film sequel. But in our COVID-19 times, reading about a world in which people stuck inside their homes resort to virtual reality seems fairly timely.