Ray Fisher Claims Joss Whedon Was “Unprofessional” On Set Of Justice League

By this point in time, you more than likely know what happened on the set of Justice League in regards to its meddling from Warner Bros, the director shift due to personal crisis, and the fallout that would eventually lead to the Snyder Cut getting announced for HBO Max. Now though, the man who played Cyborg for the film, Ray Fisher is revealing that things were even worse because of one man…Joss Whedon.

In short, due to a family tragedy, Zack Snyder had to leave Justice League to be with his family and Warner Bros hired Joss Whedon to “finish” the film. What happened as a result were many reshoots including several infamous “CGI Mustache Removal Scenes” for Superman and a film that was…average at best.

During the filming of the reshoots and beyond, the cast, including Ray Fisher, praised Joss Whedon. But now? Fisher has retracted those statements, and said the following on Twitter:

While many have praised Fisher for what he has said, others are curious as to why he’s saying this NOW versus saying it during the filming of Justice League.

Well, the answer to that is honestly a bit simple. Not only was Joss Whedon the director, but both Geoff Johns and Jon Berg were still employed as major executives at Warner Bros. Saying these things likely would’ve been career suicide. However, Joss did not return for a DC Comics film, Johns and Berg aren’t executives at the company anymore, and with the attention both on the Snyder Cut and the recent #SpeakingOut movement in the wrestling and comic book communities at present, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Joss Whedon has refused to comment on these matters, and a former producer of Justice League said that these allegations were “false.” Even friends of Joss Whedon have chimed in and said that this was “unlikely.”

But fans aren’t so sure. There have been MANY allegations against him in the past, including during his time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other shows. Plus, think of this in the logical sense. Ray Fisher has NOTHING to gain from speaking out about this. While he may not be under their purview anymore, Warner Bros can still harm Fisher for saying these things. Plus, while his loyalty to Zack Snyder is absolute, that doesn’t mean he’d just go after Whedon for false things. That would hurt Zack, not help him.

Should Ray Fisher give more than just statements on this (i.e. he gives set stories about what Joss did) we’ll let you know. But this is definitely something to keep an eye on.