Pokemon Twilight Wings

Pokemon Twilight Wings Dates Its Final Episode

One of the many, MANY reasons that the Pokemon franchise has lasted so long is because of the many forms it has taken over the years. Not the least of which was the Pokemon anime, which originally was supposed to be 80 episodes before expanding into an ever growing number of episodes. And from that series has come interesting spinoffs, including the Pokemon Origins mini-series that focused on Red, and the Pokemon Twilight Wings miniseries that was set in the Galar region.

Not unlike Origins, Pokemon Twilight Wings focused on other characters that were Ash and Pikachu, and the results speak for themselves. The first six episodes showed young kids dreaming of being like the champion Leon, Gym Leaders who had to find themselves to get better and grow as trainers and people, and even one of the villains got the spotlight and showed that she was deeper than previously expected.

And now, the Pokemon Twitter handle has revealed the release date for the final episode.

More than likely, this episode will finally focus on Leon, who has been teased many times in this series from a variety of characters. But just how will he be portrayed? No one can say.

Many fans, including us here at The Outerhaven, have LOVED this miniseries and hopes that the Pokemon Company will continue with it in some capacity.