While it’s true that gamers are going to have to wait a bit longer for the arrival of the next Nintendo Direct presumably, Nintendo is bringing focus to its upcoming title Paper Mario The Origami King by giving it its own Nintendo Treehouse Live segment.

This was revealed on Twitter, and it’ll focus on gameplay for the title that is coming out on July 17th. And that’s not all…


However, on the Wayforward front they also tweeted this:

Either way, this is somewhat exciting. If for no other reason than the potential big game that Wayforward is doing.

As for Paper Mario The Origami King, this might help calm gamers fears about the title. But only time will tell. It’s also funny to see Nintendo Treehouse Live back since they usually do this during E3, but of course that was canceled and thus this will have to do.


We’ll report on everything that is shown in the Treehouse Live session tomorrow!

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