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Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 188 – Dancing Around The Point

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is here, and with the return of a co-host and lots of content to discuss, there’s going to be lots of talking!

First up, the guys talk about their recent gaming exploits. Todd has been playing a LOT of games, and has a lot of thoughts on Xenoblade Chronicles Future Connected, Shantae and the Seven Sirens (read our review!), Fire Emblem Heroes, and Fire Emblem Three Houses! Will talks about his continued exercise via Ring Fit Adventure and more. And the returning King Koopa Keith talks about his time in Destiny 2 and…Mario Paint?

Moving onto the news, Nintendo “apologizes” for Joy-Con Drift…without talking about it. Also, the Paper Mario team talks about how they’re approaching the newer games…and Todd is about to rant on it! Plus, Nintendo Directs may be replaced in the future, Super Nintendo World has been pushed back to 2021, Ninjala and Dead Cells are doing really well, and more!

Finally, in the main event, the guys talk about the use of Joy-Cons and how Nintendo promised to use them more via the HD Rumble feature…and yet haven’t. What can the guys think up to show Nintendo there is more potential with it?

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

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