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Mario 35th Anniversary Twitter Account Found?

Nintendo in the year 2020 has been a bit…inconsistent to say the least. They started out the year slow, then they went and released Animal Crossing New Horizons which at present is the best-selling game of the year to our knowledge, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition came out in May and now we’re a day away from Paper Mario and the Origami King. But after that? No one knows what’s coming. However, it could be that as slew of games to celebrate the Mario 35th Anniversary may be coming.

Rumors of this started earlier in the year, and ironically, the Paper Mario title was included in that rumor mill. Which obviously came true (even if not in the way fans wanted). But what of the other games? No word yet. BUT, on Twitter, eagle-eyed fans have found an account that may be tied to the Mario 35th Anniversary.

At present it has no tweets, no followers and no one it is following. Plus, as some have noted, it has a recovery email that MIGHT tie back to Nintendo of Japan. All of this points to this being a real thing.

Nintendo has done special accounts for other games before like Splatoon, Smash Bros, ARMS and of course Pokemon. So why not this one? Only time will tell.