J-Novel Club Announces New Licenses at Anime Expo

J-Novel Club announced several new titles at Anime Expo Lite including the licensing of Slayers! Thanks to the magic of the Windows snipping tool and J-Novel Club offering up amazing info cards, you can see all of the announcements below and I don’t have to type a thing!

In addition to all of the above titles, J-Novel club also announced that they are completely revamping their website! They are adding the much-requested Follow Series feature as well as giving the website a graphical overhaul. There are dark and light themes to the site as well and it can be beta tested right now! They noted that some links in the bets will go back to the current live website as they are not finished yet. They are mainly looking for feedback right now.

Lastly, J-Novel club announced the revamping of their mobile app for iOS and Android. This app is in Alpha state right now but it will bring the same great content from the website to your mobile device! As you can see from the info graphic below, the revamp is coming your way this Fall!