Funimation Announces Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Funimation announced that Ira Ishida’s Ikebukuro West Gate Park will be coming to their streaming service in Fall 2020! The anime is based on the light novels which are publishing in Japan through Bungeishunjū. The English manga adaptation of the novels is available through Digital Manga Publishing.

Crunchyroll describes Ikebukuro West Gate Park as follows:

Ikebukuro West Gate Park, beside Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo is the district where Makoto lives. He is the son of the Majima family who owns a fruit store. Makoto is the so-called “trouble shooter of Ikebukuro” and he solves complicated issues that relate to gangs and the Yakuza, problems that even the police can’t handle. In Ikebukuro, a place where all kinds of people live, Makoto is friendly to everyone and does not belong to any gang or organization. Yet he frequently receives dangerous and exciting requests….

“A town of love, peace and kindness unto all, Yeah, Ikebukuro is the best! ”

He who protects the order of Ikebukuro is asked to solve a troublesome case that threatens the peace of the town….

A trailer for the anime can be viewed below:

Source: Crunchyroll