Final Fantasy VII Tifa

Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 May Include This Flashback Scene

Without going too much into spoiler territory, Final Fantasy VII Remake suggests that more story changes may arrive in further installments of the remake series. Final Fantasy VII Remake adapts only the first part of the original game, up to the heroes’ escape from Midgar. The game does change a few things, but it seems like sequels will lean into this practice a bit more. 

However, a recent Twitter post suggests that one famous flashback scene from the original game may feature in part two of the remake. Haruka Shibai, the motion capture actor for Tifa, posted on Twitter a picture of her wielding a pole that seems to stand in for a long sword. 

In the original game, Tifa wields Masamune, the sword of infamous villain Sephiroth, during a flashback sequence in Kalm. Gamerant suggests that the post likely confirms the scene as Shibai holds the pole with the same grip that Tifa would use to wield Masamune in the game. It is a key moment in the game, so it seems obvious that it would feature in part two of the remake, especially since the Kalm segment takes place shortly after the main characters leave Midgar. This would put this sequence at the beginning of the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake

But that being said, the Kalm flashback in the original is the main introduction of Sephiroth and his story. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Sephiroth gets introduced much earlier, which begs the question of how the Kalm flashback fits into the remake’s narrative. Not that it won’t occur, but rather it may play a different role in the remake than it did in the original. 

Either way, it will be some time before we get the answer. Part two of Final Fantasy VII Remake has had to switch to remote development due to COVID-19. Depending on when the switch was made, motion capture work may have been halted. However, Square Enix and the developers say that they believe this won’t delay the game in the long run. 

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