Nintendo Switch Nintendo Direct Mini

Could We Be Getting A Nintendo Direct In Two Weeks?

Nintendo fans are in a bit of a sticky wicket right now. Because in terms of what to expect in the rest of 2020…they know basically nothing. They know of one major title coming soon (more on that later) and they know of a major DLC that’s coming via Part 2 of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, The Crown Tundra, but that’s about it. This would usually be the part where we’d say that a Nintendo Direct would reveal all…but…

…terms of true Nintendo Directs, we haven’t had one since last year. Now yes, earlier this year we had a 30-minute “Nintendo Direct Mini” but as many (including us) noted, that really didn’t reveal anything new. And right now, fans need something new, and they need it very soon. Which is good because insider Kelios, who runs the fansite Pokekalos,  is teasing that one can happen VERY soon…

According to him, he feels that one could come as soon as July 20th. Whether that actually happens or not is beside the point, as it is something to talk about in the Nintendo Direct world.

Something important to note is that this timing would make sense because on July 17th is the release of Paper Mario The Origami King, the last major 1st party title that we know about for this year. So, Nintendo COULD be planning the Nintendo Direct for after its release to let fans know what is coming next.

But until they announce it, take it as a rumor and nothing more.